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Maker - Item# - Scale Description
FIRST GEAR - 90-0535 - 1/34 Scale Click to Enlarge Refuse Bin in Brown [Age: 14 and up ]
FIRST GEAR - COMBO1 - 1/50 Scale Click to Enlarge Case IH Steiger 485HD Tractor with Duals - Construction Version 50-3191 WITH Miskin D-19 Scraper 50-3189

Features of the Case Steiger Tractor Include:
Detailed cab interior with ROPS
articulated steerability with pivoting center point, front tool box,
heavy-duty drawbars,
built-in frame weight,
tow cable,
additional strobe lights,
and removable outer wheels.

Features of the Miskin D-19 Scraper include:
free-rolling flotation rubber tires,
pivoting rear bolster that raises and lowers the bowl,
hydraulic lines that hook up to tractor,
pivoting front drawbar,
and a rear hitch.
Please also note that the Case IH Steiger 485HD Tractor can train and pull up to THREE of the Miskin Scrapers!!

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